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Video SEO: Functions of Video and How Each Can Benefit Your Business – Part II

Video Approach #2:  Linkage
Having other people link to your video can bring a huge amount of traffic to your website.  People will either embed your video on their site/page or link to the page that the video was on.  If they take the second approach, then you can embed backlinks or live URL homepage links to your website on the YouTube page where the original video was posted.  This can pass a significant amount of link juice on to your website, even if the video’s followers aren’t linking to your actual website.

The idea here is – just like with a video for branding – to create a video that people will want to link to.  An informative video that explains something that can be related to your company is Matt Cuttsa great way to start.  Check out any of a number of videos released by Google featuring engineer Matt Cutts answering questions from Google users: these short videos are shared dozens of times a week all over the web.

Video Approach #3:  SEO
The main goal of a video as far as your SEO campaign managers are concerned is for ranking and web traffic.  Releasing a well-produced video featuring your business or product can be a great addition to your SEO efforts and can bring a significant amount of web traffic to your site.

Tip: ensure that your video can’t be embedded on another website or a social media profile.  This encourages people to view your video on your website and nowhere else.  For SEO, it’s best to securely host the video rather than use YouTube.  This helps you get rich snippets and send more people to your website.  When people begin to share your website, your video can do double-duty as a branding and linkage video.

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