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Video SEO: Functions of Video and How Each Can Benefit Your Business – Part I

VideoIn the SEO world, video is a unique feature to work into your campaign – and it’s more versatile than you think.  You can base your campaign around videos or simply use them as a supplement, and whichever way you choose to incorporate video, your campaign can see an enormous amount of benefit.

Video Approach #1:  Brand recognition
Releasing videos on YouTube and Vimeo featuring your company can be an enormous help for your branding efforts.  Videos stay with your clients far longer than static content and colors on your website and brochures, and interviews with dynamic members of your staff can help the company stick with your potential customers.  What’s more, images and virtual tours of your location or office can inspire people to drop in for a visit if it’s nice-looking enough.

If you choose to incorporate this into your site, you’ll need to embed the video properly and make sure that it’s well-distributed on video-sharing websites.  If your video is creative and smart enough (and features the right humor), you could shoot for it to “go viral” and bring your company even more recognition.


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