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Iran Blocks Traffic to HTTPS Encrypted Websites Nationwide

Over 30 million internet users in Iran are unable to connect to their email accounts, bank accounts, and Facebook – or any other site using a secure HTTPS browsing format.

Since February 10th, the Iranian government has had a block in place preventing users from accessing secured websites. iranThough they have not confirmed the reason for blocking encrypted connections, most speculate that the Iranian government is concerned over HTTPS’ ability to allow users to share and communicate without other computers being able to intercept the information.  HTTPS also allows users to interact in secret and minimizes the visibility of their activities to other computers (internet marketing agency web developers use them to create secure login platforms).  Most guess that this block is an attempt by the Iranian government to put in motion a plan to monitor internet use nationwide, and encrypted connections would interfere with this.

Google’s reports show some limited activity on its blocked services beginning February 12th, which suggests that internet-savvy hackers have found a way around the block.  Time will tell if the block continues or if the hackers will continue to be the only people able to use Gmail, online banking, and many social networking sites.


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