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Press Release: New Enterprise Patient Portal for Medical Web Experts

New Wave Web and Marketing is happy to report that our subsidiary, Medical Web Experts, has announced the release of a new version of their Enterprise Patient Portal. The newly released version 1.1.1 contains a number of new and updated features designed to improve functionality and user experience for both patients and medical offices.

The Enterprise Patient Portal is perfect for hospitals, healthcare organizations, and medical practices that are looking for a way to boost revenue while improving practice efficiency and making the most out of their EMR systems by providing a number of time-consuming patient services online.

For more information about the new Enterprise Patient Portal, check out the press release here.



Bilingual Websites Draw Spanish-Speaking Clients to US Businesses

Legal Web Experts LogoOctober 24, 2012 (San Diego, CA) – Legal website design specialist Legal Web Experts is announcing its leading design, custom programming, and marketing services in Latin America and Canada. Legal Web Experts has recently launched a new site for Latino legal marketing ( and also offers services in French.

The Legal Web Experts Spanish website was officially launched on September 10, 2012. The new site is part of an expansion initiative by Legal Web Experts’ parent company, internet marketing agency New Wave Web and Marketing, which launched its own Spanish-language website the same day as well as a Spanish site for its other subsidiary Medical Web Experts. The Latino and French-focused site follows the company’s commitment to help Hispanic and French law firms expand their client bases, engage users and succeed in the digital age.

With nearly ten years of experience in custom programming and web design, Legal Web Experts has put together a completely bilingual website design and marketing team to tackle a variety of Hispanic and French legal marketing services – including translation services in French and Spanish; bilingual website design; Hispanic and French internet marketing; search-engine-friendly design; Hispanic and French custom logo design; Latino legal marketing, French legal marketing; Latino and French market analysis services, and more.

By offering a unique approach for each client, the company is able to consider each client’s needs, budget and overall goals to guarantee successful results. “We find there is less competition for Spanish keywords than English keywords in the United States, so the costs of getting to the top of Google are lower. That, combined with the same conversion rate, leads us to experience a higher ROI,” says John Deutsch, President and CEO of New Wave Web and Marketing.

About Legal Web Experts 
Legal Web Experts was founded in 2003 by John Deutsch as a subsidiary of New Wave Enterprises LLC. Specializing in providing web solutions for law firms, Legal Web Experts aims to provide customers with highly effective websites and time-tested internet marketing services that meet each client’s specific needs and budget. For more information, visit


Guillermo Piñón
Legal Web Experts 

5 Tips for a Successful Press Release

The press release is an invaluable tool in any internet marketing agency’s arsenal, and submitting them regularly can give your search engine optimization (or SEO) campaign a powerful boost.

Though many public relations professionals consider press releases an outdated form of marketing, others argue that press releases are an excellent way to reach both news media and everyday people.  Press releases also catch the attention of search engine robots, placing valuable links to your site around the internet and moving your website up Google’s rankings.  It’s important, however, to set up you press release as efficiently as possible to gain maximum SEO benefit.  Here are five tips to creating a high-quality, SEO-friendly press release.Press Releases

1. Use your keywords at the beginning.  Your keywords, which should come from your existing SEO campaign and show up as anchor text links, will be used by Google to determine how high your website ranks.  Google will use the headline, first 160 characters of the body, and possibly the short summary of the press release to help determine these rankings as well.  Use the keywords in the first 160 characters of the body for maximum benefit, but definitely within the first few sentences is that isn’t possible.  The keywords should also be found within the first 60 characters of the title.

2. Who, What, When, Where, Why.  Remember that you’re writing a journalistic article, so it’s important to get to the point as quickly as possible.  The first sentence should answer the five “W” questions, and the first paragraph should be a brief summary of all the information that the press release will contain (as many sites will shorten the release and post only the first sentence or two).  Be concise and don’t use flowery language like idioms or metaphors.

3. Use anchor text links.  Your keywords should come from your existing SEO campaign (or be researched with a tool like Google AdWords if you don’t have an SEO campaign) and show up in the release as anchor text links.  Be sure that the links point to all different pages on the site, not just the home page.  Include a full URL of the home page as well – many PR sites won’t accept anchor text links but will post full URLs as live links.  This still has significant SEO benefit.

4. Be sure that it’s newsworthy information.  Don’t write spam press releases just for the sake of building links.  By filling press release wires with junk, companies are only further devaluing the press release process and knocking back their SEO campaigns.  You can almost always find something newsworthy within the company to do a press release about – such as a new staff member, a new location, a new service, or a new innovation that you could discuss.

5. Use social media to your advantage.  Social media has exploded in the past year, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most effective marketing channels in existence.  Post your press release to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to give your fans and followers the ability to comment on the material.  Social media websites make press releases more interactive, boosting the human readership element of your SEO campaign and keeping your company in the spotlight.