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Four Tweaks to Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Really Work

With increasing amounts of spam emails, phishing, and purchased email address lists, email marketing has come under fire in the past few years.  Though experts agree that an effective email marketing campaign can boost your customer base, build loyalty, and increase your sales, it’s important to construct your campaign the right way for maximum value.

  1. Say something useful.  A good email marketing campaign is based on spreading knowledge and useful information related to your company – not just throwing ads at your viewers.  Consider starting a newsletter.
  2. Don’t send emails too often.  Though it depends on how dynamic your business is, for most small companies, once per month is plenty.  Weekly emails may get tedious, and your users could start to unsubscribe.
  3. Think of a great subject line.  Grab attention right away with a good subject.  (Note: be careful about including terms like “40% off” or “free!” – many spam filters will trap these, and many email marketing clients will count it against you if users unsubscribe after reading such an email.)
  4. Recipients by elective sign-up only.  Don’t buy bulk email lists.  They’re probably not good prospects – and thought there may be some people who would be interested in your product, they will likely automatically delete your message and curse their spam filters for not blocking your unwanted ad.