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What to Blog About? Tricks for Finding New Topics for Your Blog Posts

A lot of new bloggers get stuck right away when trying to come up with topics for their blog.  You can only write a certain amount about your company and your services before you run out of space, so its important to have an arsenal of topics ready to fuel your blog posts between business updates and new products.

Consider the following internet marketing agency tips the next time you’re facing writer’s block while updating your website’s blog.

  • Check the news.  Search some topics related to your business – or even some of your SEO campaign’s keywords – in Google news to find out what’s going on in the industry.  You can use your blog as a news source to keep clients interested and provide a constant stream of material.  Industry updates are especially important if your company is in a unique industry or is trying to stand out from the competition.
  • Answer a FAQ.  Use your blog to answer questions that clients ask frequently.  You’ll have a great, SEO-friendly post that’s quick to write – and you can keep the link handy for reference when clients are confused about a company policy.
  • Answer “Why?” questions about your products and services.  For example, your massage therapy website may discuss the services your business offers without explaining why patients should get each type of massage.  This could give you a post for each service you offer.
  • Make your posts seasonal.  Relate your posts to an upcoming holiday or event for a fresh perspective and some new material.

Top 3 SEO New Year’s Resolutions

Google has made a lot of changes to its algorithm over the past year, and it’s important to keep your SEO practices updated for the New Year.  Hopefully, you’ve already been implementing Fireworksminor changes and getting used to the new Google Analytics – and making these three resolutions will help keep you on top in 2012.

1. No more low-quality links.  Stop relying on purchased links or link trades for low-quality, irrelevant sites.  These links won’t offer your page any considerable SEO benefit, and if you’re linking to bad websites it could hurt your campaign.  Invest in quality content, blogging, article writing and quality external blogs to post content on when you’re placing backlinks.

2. Update your blog twice a week.  We see an abundance of our clients’ blogs that are updated once a month – and sometimes only a few times a year!  Google will crawl your blog (and your site) more often if you give it new content to crawl.  It’s crucial to post one to two times per week to keep the search engine bots on your site.

3. Use quality content.  Invest in high-quality content for your website and blog.  A professional SEO content writer from your internet marketing agency can do all of your writing for you with an eye for what the search engines are looking for.  Your content will be optimized, well-written and you’ll save a lot of time by not having to write everything yourself.  You can even hire a writing team to manage your blog for you.

Cuanto tiempo le lleva a una campaña de SEO para que funcione?

SEO es absolutamente la mejor manera para ubicar a su compañía en el mercado en línea pero, desafortunadamente, los resultados no son inmediatos. El tiempo que lleva para que su compañía vea mejores resultados en su posicionamiento SEO en Google y aumente el trafico de su sitio web depende de varios factores:

  • Su línea de trabajo: Si trabaja en una industria donde miles de otras compañías están también haciendo SEO (y compitiendo con las mismas palabras claves), necesitara más tiempo para ubicarse en los mejores 5.
  • Su ubicación: Compañías que hacen negocios localmente en grandes ciudades tendrán que poner mayor esfuerzo en sus campañas SEO y mayor tiempo para ver los resultados. Su usted trabaja para una comunidad más reducida, tener menor competencia significa resultados más rápidos.
  • Su sitio Web: Si su sitio web no está actualizado, programado pobremente, la campaña necesitara más tiempo y más trabajo.


Los resultados varían ampliamente, pero la mayoría de nuestros clientes ven resultados en las primeras páginas dentro de los 4-6 meses de haber empezado su campaña. Recuerde que una campaña SEO nunca es ¨finalizada¨ – las posiciones y el trafico mejoran con paciencia y trabajo duro con la ayuda de su agencia de diseño paginas web y marketing. Realizar SEO definitivamente vale el esfuerzo.

Healthcare Web Portal from Medical Web Experts Featured on New Social Website

MWEDecember 19, 2011 (San Diego, CA) – Healthcare web portal and medical web design agency Medical Web Experts is announcing their partnership with – an online provider of therapeutic services that promotes health, wellness and community.  Medical Web Experts has developed a unique online patient web portal custom-built for wellness, and it will allow users to communicate securely with licensed clinicians as well as learn new techniques for improving their health.

“’s groundbreaking approach to behavioral healthcare – paired with our advanced portal technology – is a perfect combination for effective healthcare delivery in the internet age,” says John Deutsch, CEO and founder of Medical Web Experts. is a new therapeutic and social networking site that allows users to connect and get behavioral health services all at affordable prices while using the anonymity of the internet.  Members are able to seek behavioral health therapy, explore questions in spirituality, and improve their health and wellness with advice from real medical professionals.  Users can use the site as a viable resource to improve their health and gain balance in their lives through the robust Wellness area, which features the Medical Web Experts Patient Portal.  Experienced in medical practice and hospital patient portal design, this new wellness portal will allow patients to log in over a secure, HIPAA-compatible connection and communicate directly with medical staff to ask questions and find new solutions to improve their health.

“We needed genuine experts to help us realize our vision and that is exactly what we found with the aptly named Medical Web Experts,” said Tracy Wood, President of “Bringing affordable therapeutic healthcare services plus a rich social networking experience to people who might otherwise not have access to what they really need is a tremendous reward in itself, but the frosting on the cake has been this collaboration with true professionals,” she said.

Selected due to its customizability and advanced medical records integration system, the portal also allows users communicate their health needs to their online wellness coach as well as incorporating online medical records.  The portal allows for video eConsultations and secure messaging with medical staff; Health Tracker software to keep track of vital signs or weight loss; interactive education resources and more.  Users of will also enjoy weight loss help; men’s and women’s wellness resources; recipes and nutrition education; and spiritual guidance to help find both mental and physical balance in their lives.

“I see a tremendous amount of opportunity in this partnership,” adds Deutsch.  “Patients are putting additional importance on wellness and spiritual well-being as a form of preventive medicine.”  The Medical Web Experts Patient Portal helps How2Connect incorporate spiritual, social, mental and physical health and offers users a new way to enrich their lives through an interactive online community.


About is an interactive online Behavioral health, wellness site and interactive site that offers users many ways to improve their spiritual, emotional and physical well-being with resources from medical professionals, therapists and a community of like-minded individuals.  Members can seek online therapy and health consultations, explore their spirituality, engage in the interactive portal, and create an “avatar” to interact in a virtual world with other How2Connect members.  The site launches in early 2012.  For more information, visit

About Medical Web Experts
A subsidy of New Wave Enterprises, LLC, Medical Web Experts offers healthcare web design for physician practices, hospitals, and all other healthcare organizations.  Their totally customizable Enterprise Patient Portal allows healthcare organizations of all types to incorporate a HIPAA-friendly login portal on their websites, improving their patients’ experience as well as boosting revenue and efficiency.  For more information, visit

Combatiendo comentarios spam en su Blog- Parte 2

Es importante que el blog sea configurado para que todos los comentarios sean supervisado por el moderador del blog antes de aparecer visibles frente a los usuarios de su blog.  Esto ayudara  a que su blog se llene de comentarios no deseados. También puede cambiarse la configuración para que los hipervínculos y las url no sean permitidas en los comentarios; esto hará que los posibles spammers se decepcionen y no quieran volver a usar su sitio en el futuro.

DE todas maneras si planea usar la sección de comentarios para su propio beneficio en posicionamiento SEO, debe permitir hipervínculos y urls.

En los WordPress puede cambiar sus preferencias en el menú de ¨configuración¨ (o Settings en la versión en ingles) en la barra de herramientas de la izquierda, una vez  haberse logueado. En Blogger haga clic en la pestaña de Configuración en el menú del tope de la pagina.

Instalar un plugin anti-spam en su WordPress puede lograr una gran diferencia en la cantidad de spam que su blog recibe. Además será mucho mas sencillo ver y aprobar los comentarios sin necesidad de verlos uno por uno. Estos plugins son simples de bajar e instalar en su computadora – su agencia de diseño páginas web y marketing puede ayudarlo a controlar la cantidad de comentarios spam en su blog.

Three Unique Holiday Internet Marketing Ideas

You and your clients may be relaxing and winding down a bit during the holiday season, but there are plenty of ways you can take advantage of the festivities to boost your SEO campaign.  Holiday MarketingHere are some unique tips from an internet marketing agency to help out your holiday SEO efforts and make your customers smile.

1.  Change your homepage to a holiday theme.  Putting a holiday message on your homepage brightens the website and gives people something new to look at – as well as a reason to tell their friends to check out your site.  If your company sells a product or service that people buy more of during the holidays, putting a holiday homepage up early will help customers remember to do their holiday shopping while browsing your site.

2.  Offer a promotion or holiday deal with an email blast.  Send out an email blast offering a special holiday deal.  A discount or freebie will make your clients more likely to stop by your page for their holiday needs.

3.  Put out a holiday contest on your social media accounts.  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great for setting up contests – which are one of the best ways to attract clients to your web pages.  Consider a raffle or a slogan competition that will engage your customers and put them in the holiday spirit.  You can spread the word about the contest in an email or with a link on your company’s home page.

How Long Will It Take for an SEO Campaign to Work?

SEO is the absolute best way to market your company online, but unfortunately you won’t see instant results.  How long it takes for your company to begin seeing higher rankings in Google and increased traffic to your website with your SEO campaign depends on a number of factors.

  1. Your line of business.  If you work in an industry where thousands of other companies are also doing SEO (and competing for the same keywords), you may need more time to see top-5 results.
  2. Your location.  Companies who do business locally in big cities will need to put more effort into their SEO campaigns as well as more time to see results.  If you serve a smaller community, the lower competition means faster results.
  3. Your website.  If your website is very old, poorly programmed, or otherwise SEO-unfriendly, the campaign might require more work and more time.

Results vary greatly, but most of our clients see page-1 results within 4-6 months of beginning their campaign.  Remember that an SEO campaign is never “over” – your rankings can always be improved with patience and hard work on the part of your internet marketing agency.  SEO is definitely worth the effort.

Combatiendo comentarios spam en su Blog – Parte 1

Si su sitio web cuenta con un blog, sin duda recibirá una gran cantidad de spam en forma de comentarios.  Las agencias de marketing que compiten en el mercado están constantemente tratando de encontrar tácticas para postear vínculos a otros sitios web y pueden tratar de tomar ventaja de su blog.  Algunos simples pasos pueden ayudar a entender cómo funciona el spam y como puede evitarse.

Por qué usar comentarios?

Tomar ventaja de la sección de ¨comentarios¨ en el  blog de su compañía, es postear links que conduzcan al sitio web que se comercializa. Google utiliza estos links para determinar que tan alto es el posicionamiento SEO de una empresa cuando los usuarios buscan ciertas palabras claves, y es indicativo de la popularidad e importancia de una web. Es de esperar que cuantos màs enlaces tenga la página mejor posicionada estará.

Las campañas de baja calidad se focalizan únicamente en ubicar vínculos donde sea posible, incluyendo la sección de comentarios en blogs al azar.

Los comentarios spam son notables porque parecen escritos como si se usara el Traductor de Google. Spammers (gente que hace spam) a menudo intentan incluir una URL o hipervínculo al sitio web de sus clientes en un comentario vago acerca del  blog  donde publican, tales  como ¨el tiempo que le llevo a la pagina loguearse¨ o ¨la ayuda que le dio su blog¨.

Aquí algunos ejemplos de spam recibidos en nuestro propio blog:

¨ Muy Buena estructura de blog! Hace cuánto que estas blogueando? Su blog en general se ve maravilloso y además tiene un contenido muy inteligente¨

¨ Los gráficos son una fuente fastidiosa para enseñar en lugar de usar buen contenido, es mi forma de pensar, cuál es tu opinión?¨

¨Acabo de encontrar justo lo que estaba buscando. Acabas de dar por terminado mi cuarto día de caza de material. Dios te bendiga. Adiós¨

¨La gente es estúpida¨

Una agencia de diseño páginas web y marketing con calidad nunca pondría vínculos de esta manera. Asesórese.

Combating Comment Spam in Your Blog – Part 2

Avoiding SpamWordPress Captcha
It’s essential to set your blog’s comment settings so that all comments must be approved by the moderator before they go live.  This will help prevent your actual blog from being overrun with comments.  You could also change the settings so that hyperlinks and live URLs are not allowed in comments; this will discourage potential spammers from even using your site.  However, if you plan on using the comments section of your blog for your own SEO benefit, you’ll need to allow hyperlinks and URLs.  In WordPress, you can change these preferences in the “Settings” menu on the left-side toolbar after logging in.  In Blogger, click on the top “Settings” tab.

Installing an anti-spam plugin on your WordPress blog can make a huge difference in the amount of spam your blog sees.  It will also be much easier to sort through and approve comments without needing to pass ten pages of spam comments.  These plugins are simple to download and install – your internet marketing agency can help you with controlling the amount of comment spam on your blog.

Read Combating Comment Spam in Your Blog – Part 1